Do I Really Need Those Expensive Driers To Dry My Paintings?


How do I get my oil painting to dry without using those expensive driers? It seems to take several weeks?

Stanley Reznicek

Stanley, That’s an excellent question. So often we need to continue painting from one day to the next, but require a canvas that has dried from the previous day or two of painting. You essentially have two choices. You can use a formulated medium that will dry fast, or you can put an additive into the medium you currently use.

The most common additive is Cobalt or Japan Drier. Adding a couple of drops of this additive to your medium will accelerate drying time. And with experimentation you’ll find the right formulae of drops to medium to dry your canvas in the time allowance you have.

The other method is purchasing a medium that is already formulated to dry quickly. I love Chroma’s Archival LEAN Medium. It dries quickly and within a day I’m able to begin painting. And things are definitely dry after two days so I am able to easily pack and ship paintings. But be careful always in packing your paintings as the packing materials have a tendency to stick to canvas surface irrespective of how long the painting has been drying or dried.