Darrell, I Have A Question ….

Darrell, I have a question ……….. or two.

Thanks for the bonus…. Now my first question is about the #9 Seascapes–bonus pdf file. I was trying to match this pdf file with a painting. It does not seem to describe the steps in the seascape dvd? Which painting does it describe?

It also mentions cleaning brushes with orderless cleaner. I thought you only used baby oil? Was this an earlier method?

Brushes: I bought several Sabel-soft handle brushes for $2.98 less 15%. (small sizes for detail work). Could they be any good at this price?

What type of brush should be used for what purpose? You mention: bristle–natural hair–synthetic! Do they have different uses?

JohnHi John,

We refilmed the Basic Techniques of Oil Painting this past year ussing three cameras, more lights, better sound system, etcc…. The seascape painting changed a bit to tell you the truth. I think I found a better explanation for students in the second go-round. The PDF file was from our first filming series of the Basic Techniques, which I think was about five or six years ago. We used one camera then….

I still felt the PDF file would be of value to my students, so I’ve given it away as a bonus.

Another thing that’s happened over the past six years is that I’ve gone from cleaning my brushes in thinner to baby oil. This is much safer and healthier.

The sable brushes you bought will be good for painting buildings, people, tall ships, flowers, portraits and wildlife. Not to good for landscapes or seascapes. That’s my stile at least.

Every brush has its own specific use and through watching the DVDs, I believe you’ll see the uses of each one.

This was a great series of questions and I hope you find the answers useful.