Certificate of Authenticity

When I sell my original paintings, It can increase value and often is necessary to include a Certificate of Authenticity (COA.). (Especially for collectors) This is a document that includes all the information the art buyer might want to have on hand about your artwork. It’s very comforting to know that the art seller/artist is willing to certify a statement that a painting they’ve created is an original work of art.

A COA should include

1. The Title of your painting/artwork

2. Artist Name

3. Year the Painting/artwork was created

4. Country where the artwork was created

5. Media Used

6. Size of Painting, Total height, width (Single canvas size)

7. Number of canvases,

8. That the painting is an original.

9. Statement of Authenticity

10. Signature Block (Name and date)

11. On the bottom of the COA, its always a good idea to put your logo and website address and email address. (Mailing Address/Telephone Number is now optional)

Statement: Keep it simple.

This is an example you could use.

This is to certify that the painting with the above specifications is an authentic original painting created by [your name] and sold by [Name of Seller even if its your name].

You can design your own form or you can put together a statement on letterhead.