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Learn Color Mixing Techniques

 The Basic Techniques of Mixing Color

This is a comprehensive suite of 7  downloadable art video lessons that cover the fundamentals of how to paint from photographs in step-by-step language so that anyone can easily follow along. Included are several video art lessons to re-enforce the techniques taught.

YES! I want the Basic Techniques of Mixing Color.


CM_ColorMixing color_charts Color_Mixing_Winner Darrell_Palette-w

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Color Mixing Patterns

Color Mixing Patterns


 To use the following patterns:

  1. Right click on the image to save to your computer.
  2. import the image into your favorite layout tool like MS Publisher or photo editor
  3. Resize the pattern to the size you'd like for your canvas
  4. Print out the resized pattern
  5. If your canvas size is greater than 8"x10" you will need to tape together the printout using the 'tick' marks
  6. Mask tape the pattern to your canvas
  7. place graphite or transfer paper between the canvas and the pattern ensuring graphite side is facing the canvas
  8. trace the drawing onto the canvas.


 Tall Ship Pattern  Still Life Pattern
 Panda Bear Pattern Crucifixion of Christ
 Seascape Pattern  Color Mixing Guage