Beginners Blueprint For Conducting Your Annual Art Show At Home…..Part 5 Organization Is The Key To A Successful Art Show

I hope its been evident from the previous four parts of this series that the key to a successful Art Show is organization. Being organized is knowing what has to be done and accomplishing all those tasks in a timely fashion. To this end, I’ve put together a short checklist that you can use to monitor your activities and plan the next steps.

I generally put this together on a spread sheet with the following columns

Start Date
Due Date

I can then sort the list by Start Date or Due Date or Done/Not Done. It’s a great tool for me to quickly see where I should be focusing my immediate activities.

I’ll then use my on-line calendar. I’ll plug the tasks in for the Start Date and Due Dates. Comments are where I put down issues (Decisions to be made/problems)


I’m just listing the tasks below in the general order I see that they should be accomplished.

Finish Paintings……# of Paintings _________________________
Set The Date _______________________________________
Finalize Location: ____________________________________
Order Frames: # of Frames: ________ Cost: _______________
Date Frames to Arrive: ________________________________
Identify Potential Guests: ______________________________
Total Count of Guests to be Invited: _______________________
Decide upon Postcard/Formal Invitations ___________________
Design Invitations/Follow-ups/Reminders___________________
Order/Print Invitations/Follow-ups/Reminders_______________
Hand Addressing of Invitations/Follow-ups/Reminders__________
Initial Phone Call Date (s)_______________________________
Invitation Mailing Date(s) ______________________________
Follow up Phone Call Date(s)____________________________
Reminders Mailing Date(s)______________________________
Write up Announcement (Press Release) for local publicity_______
Send Out Press Release(s)______________________________
Call up Newspaper Editors for Coverage/Announcements________
Write All Sales Materials if Needed________________________
Print All Sales Materials (Computer is fine!)__________________
Plan Refreshments___________________________________
Recruit Helpers for Refreshments_________________________
Recruit Helpers for Setup_______________________________
Recruit Helpers for Art Show____________________________
Order/Purchase Refreshments___________________________
Order/Purchase Exhibit/Sales Supplies_____________________
Frame All Paintings __________________________________
Clean/Organize Exhibit area____________________________
Hang all Paintings, Signs, Decorations______________________
Set up Sales Station/Design Sales Process___________________
Ensure All Art Show Helpers Know What To Do ______________
Set Out Refreshments________________________________
Set Out Sales Materials (Collateral)_______________________
If Needed Set Up Special Signs Giving Traffic Directions_________
Get Yourself Ready and Have Some Fun.